It is our mission to bring the highest level of martial arts instruction, and top of the line fitness to our community. It is our goal to provide a gym that all of our members can be proud of, a place they can call home, a place for them to bring their friends and family. Martial Arts and Fitness is not just our job, it is our passion, and it is something we are pleased to offer to the people of Abbotsford!


We started as a branch of West Coast BJJ & MMA in 2004 by West Coast’s founder (BJJ Black Belt) Don Whitefield. Fast forward 9 years later, at a meeting to discuss sponsorships, Jason and Lloyd begin chatting about their ideal gym, about 10 minutes into the conversation it became apparent that Jason and Lloyd shared a dream… A dream to bring a high end, family friendly facility to Abbotsford. Jump ahead to April 1st 2013 and Genesis Martial Arts and Fitness is officially born. We are proud to be able to continue to serve the people of Abbotsford and its surrounding communities, and share our vision with all those interested!


It is important for everyone to learn in a safe, friendly, and fun environment, so don’t do anything to put those 3 things in jeopardy.

Be On Time

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before class. Ideally you should be changed, taped up and ready to go by the scheduled start time.

When You Get On The Mat

Begin by greeting your instructor (usually with a hand shake), then make your way around the gym greeting the rest of your team mates.

If You're Late

And class has already started, please wait off the mat until your instructor invites you to join class.

Keep The Mats Clean

No shoes or sandals on the mat.

Leave Your Ego At Home

The gym is not a testing ground for you to prove anything; it is a place of learning.

Don't Waste Your Time

When it is time to drill, please drill… Don’t simply practice the technique once or twice then sit around.

Keep Talking To A Minimum

We understand that the gym is a social place, and while we appreciate that aspect of it, it is important to train when it is time to train. There is plenty of time before and after to shoot the breeze with your friends. Don’t talk when the instructor is, that’s just rude.

When You Begin Sparring

It is important to shake your opponent's hand or touch gloves as a sign of mutual respect (do this at the end of the round as well.)

Keep Sparring Controlled

Sparring is just that, sparring…It is not a fight. Keep your power controlled, it is important to keep your team mates safe.

Control Your Submissions

It is not important who taps who in the gym. If you catch a submission and your opponent doesn’t tap fast enough because you are cranking the submission, YOU are responsible. Let it go, and move on.

One of the Most Important Rules:

Have FUN and be PLAYFUL. Learn, play, enjoy.

Keep Good Hygiene

Brush your teeth, shower, keep your toe/finger nails short and wash your gear.